The Project

What is it

A community food scrap composting trial in three demographically different neighbourhoods in Singapore, supported by OCBC Cares Environment Fund 2020. Started in April 2020, and on-going. Active in Bukit Gombak and Jurong Lake Gardens; third neighbourhood pending.


Create awareness and know-how about community food scrap composting, and a test-bed for ideas on how to bring people together to start community composting groups in their own neighbourhoods. The ideas, experiences and findings are captured in our Start Your Own guides. Ultimately, we would love to see community compost hubs springing up in more neighbourhoods.

The ideas we are testing

Community – how to introduce the idea of community composting to a neighbourhood, how to overcome certain hurdles (e.g. red tape), how to sustain and even expand the practice long term.Foodscrapping – how willing are people to save food scraps on a weekly basis, and how to generate greater interest and participation.Composting – how to make compost using materials found locally, demystify the practice of composting and turn it into an essential component in our gardening/farming psyche. How to teach compost making as a skill to more people.

Composting methods used

Aerobic hot composting and vermicomposting.

How is the project carried out

The project has designed its own syllabus, comprising a prerequisite theory component taught via Zoom by an experienced compost maker, followed by weekly hands-on compost-making sessions over a period of six to nine months, which allows for at least two complete compost cycles.

During this hand holding journey, an experienced compost maker makes compost with the community once a week. Together, they tackle all sorts of foodscrapping, composting and community engagement scenarios that may arise along the way. Over time, the new compost makers become equipped with the knowledge, experience and confidence to take on more on their own.

Our goals for the new foodscrappers and compost-makers

Learn how to make good microbial-rich compost, and to trouble-shoot

 Cultivate the personal habit of saving household food scraps for composting

 Build community habit and teamwork so that foodscrapping and composting become second nature, and a regular group activity.

The Team

We come from different backgrounds and are at different stages of our personal journeys. What unites us is a desire to see the practice of composting become second nature to more and more people in Singapore.

Chingwei Chen


Cuifen Pui